Q: What separates you from other video vendors like Vanilla Video?

A: To answer that question vaguely: a lot. However, there's nothing wrong with those vendors. It depends on what you're looking for in your wedding film. Instead of saying what those other vendors can't do, let me explain what we CAN:

  • We are dedicated to providing high quality artistic wedding films using the latest cinema camera technology.
  • I experience the day alongside you and your most important friends and family. This affects the musical selection and editing style of your film. While other companies hire editors who weren't even at the ceremony, I guarantee that I'll be at each location with a camera in my hands. Not only that, but I'll be the one who edits the film, ensuring that it's true to the wedding day and true to you as a couple.
  • You'll meet with me in person before you sign anything. This gives us a chance to get to know one another and to determine if our style matches your vision.
  • When you use us as your film vendor, you get direct communication with me, Charlie. You don't get routed through a maze of company jargon. I will listen to what you're looking for and help you match that vision. With a one-stop-shop company, you risk receiving a cookie-cutter approach to wedding films.

Q: How long will my film be?

A: This varies based on the package you selected. There is no set time for lengths on our films. The cinematic trailers tend to be between 4 and 7 minutes and the feature length films usually come in somewhere around 20-25. It all depends on how much great content is filmed - and we find these numbers to be about average among our clients' films. We don't put a time requirement on our films for the simple reason that we don't want to cram uninteresting footage or repetitive footage into a film just to fill a time quota.

Q: Can I use specific songs I like for my film's soundtrack?

A: Not quite. Based on copyright rules, we have to use licensed music. We use themusicbed.com for most of our licensed music and their selection is incredible. Feel free to use that website to suggest songs.

Q: When will my films arrive?

A: This varies based on the package you selected. If you selected a package with the cinematic trailer, those usually come out between one to two weeks after your wedding date. The longer films like a ceremony or cinematic feature take upwards of 6 weeks to edit and finalize.

Q: Will you coordinate with my photographer?

A: Yes. It is critical that the photographer and I coordinate our shots so we don't block one another during important moments. For our industry, nothing is worse than a photographer videobombing the first dance with a flash and vice versa. We work with all of your vendors to maintain positive communication and ensure your day goes smoothly.

Q: Do you film destination weddings?

A: Yes, our team is available for travel both inside and outside the US. A travel fee applies, but it's mostly to cover that annoying cost of checking our gear as additional luggage.