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Important information for a better wedding film


At your wedding ceremony we typically place a lavalier microphone on the lapel of the groom and officiant. This provides a crystal-clear digital audio signal and helps us capture audio content for the wedding film. We’ll remove the microphones immediately after the ceremony concludes. At your wedding reception, we provide the microphone and microphone stand/holder into which the toast-giver speaks. Here's a video explaining why. 


Remember - natural light! You’ll look best on camera with soft natural sunlight as opposed to harsh light bulb lighting commonly found in salons or hotel room bathrooms. Try to have your makeup artist use a space closest to a window. Also, do your best to keep the bridal prep area somewhat orderly if possible. (We are happy to assist with this if things need to be tidied up).


It is common to see beautiful wedding photographs and assume video cameras produce the same imagery without a flash. However, to get beautiful images in a space that is not filled with natural light, video cameras must use off-camera continuous lighting to illuminate a toast-giver and toast recipient. We tastefully illuminate the toast-giver’s location from about 20-50 feet away which does two things: it makes the toast-giver look as beautiful on camera as they are in real life, and it draws the room’s attention to the fact that someone is about to speak.

Location shots:

Please be sure to include at least 15 minutes of dedicated time with us during location/downtown shots. This time can be either before, during, or after group photographs are taken.

Shooting space:

Our philosophy is to give our couples as much physical space as possible on the wedding day. Whether shooting bridal preps or candids at the reception, we use longer focal length lenses with the goal of not being noticed. It is difficult to act naturally on camera, and your wedding day should be as relaxed as possible instead of feeling like a high-stress photo/video shoot.


Our team requests at least one half hour of setup time prior to the start of the ceremony to ensure proper camera placement and audio connections.


It can be difficult to forecast exactly the type of music that will fit best into your film, but if you’d like to help the musical selection process please visit and create a playlist. Doing so will decrease the wait time on your film, and is a fun way to have a hand in the creative process.


From our experience, video taken in a limo or shuttle/party bus doesn’t usually translate well into a beautiful wedding film. Usually this is a great decompression time for the bridal party to not have cameras around. Therefore, we typically follow the bridal party transportation in our own vehicles if taking location shots. However, if it is imperative that a videographer is on the bus, please let us know so we can plan in advance.


Throughout the planning process, please send us as much information as possible including: itineraries, special guests (grandparents, long time best friends, etc), seating charts, room layouts, etc. Although it may seem like overkill, we love showing up over-prepared. That way the wedding day is as laid-back as possible. Thank you for your attention to this, and we look forward to providing you with the best wedding film possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, text, or email: / (847) 271-6820